The authors of Eat like the Animals, Professors Stephen Simpson and David Raubenheimer from Sydney University, discuss their compelling recent book exclusively with Shirl’s Pearls. In joint scientific research over 35 years, they show us how to regain our lost appetite instincts for eating a (proper) balanced diet.

Eat like the Animals: Authors’ chat (1)

Eat like the Animals: Authors’ chat (2)
Diet & colon
Friends, it’s all colonic
Know what to eat & when
Walker’s formula or yours?
My first (2) colonics
Your natural detox

Regular as clockwork or LATE?

Raw food preps
Deb’s zesty beetroot-veg-herb salad

Your morning grapefruit prep
Having dried fruit with less sugar

Diet & exercise
Lose weight, feel fit without drugs or fad diets
In good Nick – pushing weights at 80!
Dirk Hansen on cardio, weights & flexibility training

Smart cooking
Beaut baked beans NO wind or sugar?
Chicken/turkey schnitzel – lean & moist!
Glen’s delish vegan sausage roll
Flourless almond cake – by Celeste

Healthy kids
Health-wise kids