Invest 3.0: The age factor

Can I assume that by reading this far into ‘About Investing’, you’d like to learn more about the sharemarket? If so, I hope you’ve now started to save. You need a minimum of AUD500 to buy an ASX-listed company. Add up to about $30 for brokerage costs and GST charged by the online trading platform. … Read More

Gems of Wisdom

To Gen Zs (and special Sophie) – the very first Snippet is for you. My newest clip ‘Menopause and Andropause’ informs and prepares women and men for these often traumatic times in life.


The authors of Eat like the Animals, Professors Stephen Simpson and David Raubenheimer from Sydney University, discuss their compelling recent book exclusively with Shirl’s Pearls. In joint scientific research over 35 years, they show us how to regain our lost appetite instincts for eating a (proper) balanced diet.